Corona Virus Notification
24 MARCH 2020

Dear Business Partner,
As you are aware, based on the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s report dated March 3, 2020, the respiratory disease, known also as Corona Virus (Covid-19) has been recorded in more than 100 countries with at least 100.000 confirmed cases. WHO increased the universal risk level for Corona Virus from “high” to “very high” on March 2, 2020 and also declared “International Public Health Emergency”.
Our firm handled this unfortunate incident occurred in our country and in the world with swift precautions up to this date. But with the increasing number of the cases in our country and worldwide, we are of the opinion that it is time to take more radical decisions.
In this regard, we have moved our office work order to our houses, our office will be closed, but we will continue to provide communication with all our corporate customers in the usual DİEM quality, We hope that, taking into account the health of people, surely you will sensitively  understand the situation ..
Best regards,