Hybrid Offices Reveal Talents in the New Order
20 MARCH 2022

At a time when a part of the workforce, which is one of the effects of the pandemic on the new world order, has switched to the remote working system, office designs suitable for hybrid work are in the focus of attention of companies.

Hybrid working method; It is a method of continuation of work in home and office environments. In today's conditions, where the effects of the pandemic continue, the preference of company employees is the hybrid working method. This preference brings with it the need to redesign the working areas of the offices.

One of the most important criteria of the Hybrid Working method is the inclusion of remote talents in the business process regardless of distances. According to this method, the criterion of being selected from the talent pool only according to the ability and competence to do business comes to the fore.

C.Melih Şamlı, General Manager of DIEM Engineering and Architecture, the only architectural company representative from Turkey selected by the Studio Alliance, a new community in Europe, stated that the impact of the “hybrid working” method on office design is on the agenda of companies in Turkey and abroad: “Offices, which are one of the important building blocks to reflect the brand and culture of companies, now have to reflect the hybrid style. Companies can now choose those who will work in a hybrid office from a very different and wide scale. Without the concept of distance, it becomes easier to recruit people with high skills even on a global scale.”

C.Melih Şamlı pointed out that talent, knowledge-skills are important today, and the selection of talents from a pool has become widespread in the world: “Hybrid workplaces eliminate any geographical barrier that may restrict staff recruitment. In addition, studies indicate that approximately 77% of remote workers have increased productivity and demonstrated an improved performance. This increase in productivity and talent may be due to not being distracted by the social environment in the office environment and the uninterrupted working style. There are also increases in productivity, thanks to a better work-life balance.


“Work and Life Balance Achieved”

Şamlı added that the working order caused many changes during the pandemic process and brought a new revolution to the working order: “The change in people's expectations about how, when and where they want to work has actually led all sectors to restructuring. With the pandemic accelerating remote working on a global scale, more companies are starting to offer customized work experiences. With the hybrid working model, factors such as possible distraction were prevented, and it also paved the way for people's productivity. Thus, it allowed people to establish a work-life balance according to their needs. While many companies are discovering the hybrid working model during the pandemic, most of the companies continue their research and studies on new solutions that will increase employee motivation and productivity. Classic offices are now replaced by new generation offices that liberate employees and companies. Thus, the employees reached an environment where they started to be more active socially and to take ownership of the working environment more.”