08 MAY 2021

Diem solves the recent needs of offices by the puzzle model after the pandemic. C. Melih Şamlı, the co-founder of Diem Architecture, said Dünya Newspaper that the productivity in the workplaces increased with the puzzle model and the solution suitable to the needs was produced by the choice of working at home or in the office during the pandemic process.

"When you combine small pieces in puzzle logic, you start to see the picture, so our model comes from here" said Şamlı, who added that they designed by determining the needs and offering solutions such as working from home, coming to the office, or rotating models. Şamlı, who stated that the projects they implemented are based on office reduction, continued as follows: “We had customers who have 10 thousand sqm offices about 8-9 floors. They give us back 4 floors now. They directed 200 of their 400-person team to work from home and organized their offices so that a maximum of 200 people would work in office."

"Unused Offices will turn into residences"

Şamlı, who indicated that they believe the need for office space will decrease by 40 percent in 2021 due to the change in the working order, stated that these structures are able to be used in the new residence need that occurred after the pandemic.

Şamlı, who said that “The need for living spaces with working and sports areas will increase instead of duplexes or 4+1 in the new residence order”, pointed out that “People now aim to meet these needs without going out. It is very difficult to meet these needs by building new houses, however, the current stock can be utilized in this way."